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"Bio-Services endeavours to bring the scientific community and the masses on a common platform to transfer knowledge about common preventable disease in women and girls."

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    Vitamin D Deficiency and Health Risks?

    Vitamin D Deficiency and Health Risks?  Dr. Shalini Mukherjee, Ph.D (Plant Science), University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. If vitamin D is made by our own... More


  • Expert Views

    Human Papillomaviruses and Cervical Cancer

    Knowledge, Awareness and Attitude towards HPV, HPV Vaccine and Cervical Cancer among the College Students in India. By Dr. Shazia Rashid; According to WHO, cervical... More


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    BIOCLUES Organization

    BIOCLUES is acronymed for BIOinformatics CLUb for Experimenting Scientists. Bioclues is a non-profit virtual organization for, by, and of the Indian Bioinformaticians. Incepted in the... More


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    Sunanda Kulshrestha

    Bio-Services as a web- portal does not require any testimonial to certify the great job it is doing to spread knowledge and disease related awareness... More


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    Pt. B.D. Sharma, PGIMS, Rohtak, Haryana

    Pt. B.D. Sharma, Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Rohtak, Haryana. Invited Speaker: Md Kausar Neyaz, Ph.D Conference on “Training the Next Generation of Healthcare... More


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    Dr. Nida Rehmani, Ph.D

    Dr. Nida Rehmani, Ph.D Scientific Editor at Bio-Services: Dr. Nida Rehmani is currently working as mentor for the Global STEM Alliance and professional member of... More