Sharmila Guha

S Guha 2The pace of our lives often prevents us from reflecting on a few things that could be worth thinking about. And while it’s wonderful that women are shattering the glass ceiling all around the globe, we often forget to take a long, hard look at our health. In my 20s, breast cancer seemed like something that happened to other people. That is till, I started meeting more and more survivors – at work, friends’ family gatherings, at parties. It made me aware that it wasn’t something looming in the distance. It was something very real, very tangible.

My gynaecologist spoke to me about it a few years ago and the data she had was staggering. When I wanted to research some more, I chanced upon Bio-Services and found their data and inputs extremely sound and helpful. I also passed on some of this information to a few survivors I personally know, and we all agreed that a platform which provides such awareness is crucial. Especially in India where very few amongst us have access to this awareness and information. Bio-Services is doing a wonderful job and I hope they expand their reach.

Sharmila Guha

October 29, 2018