Coco Wander


Doctors, Researchers and Governments are all so focused on trying to solve the complex issues surrounding women’s health care that they often forget the simple and most empowering approach: education. We need to give women and girls the opportunity to learn about their bodies and their health. However, this then often gets lost in translation with medical jargons. Bio-Services has created a platform which allows for such barriers to be dropped and for women to access “easy to understand” information that can not only save their lives but also give them advocacy over themselves.
As a nursing student, I have been focused on finding ways to empower patients. I came across Bio-Services through my research on cervical cancer education. Its resources and programs serve as an excellent way to give reliable information in a way which eliminates complex medical jargons. I believe this is the first step to create equality in healthcare.

Coco Wander

August 2, 2018