Health Resources

Title Date Author
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HPV Infection and its Impact on Human Health March 1, 2024 Mehreen Aftab
The Prenatal Screening Modalities, Recent Trends in India November 6, 2023 Ashish Fauzdar
HPV Infection and its Impact on Male Infertility March 4, 2023 Naresh Poondla
HPV Infection and Oral Cancer: Is there a link? January 15, 2022 Kapil Bandil
Chikungunya Virus and Pregnancy Outcome June 15, 2020 Kalika Mathur
Vitamin D-The Sunshine Hormone and Women’s Health September 1, 2019 Priyanka Samji
Ovarian Cancer: The Silent Killer July 11, 2019 Sunanda Kulshrestha
Extragenital Tuberculosis and Infertility March 24, 2019 Ritu Sharma
Urinary Tract Infections and Infertility March 3, 2017 Pooja Kumari
Hepatitis E Virus (HEV) and Pregnancy July 27, 2015 Nargis Begum