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ABSF (Aabir Bio-Services Foundation) is “not-for-profit” and is independent of commercial and political interests. The portal was created in the year 2011 to bridge the gap between science and society through continuous public engagement activities and knowledge transfer about common and preventable diseases in women and girls in India.

One of the most common and preventable diseases in women and girls is cervical cancer. Persistent and undiagnosed HPV (Human Papillomavirus) infection is mainly responsible for development of cervical cancer.  Prevention of cervical cancer should ideally involve a multi-pronged approach of education, awareness, advocacy, public-private partnerships for vaccination, screening and early treatment of precancerous lesions before they develop into cancer.

The idea of Aabir Bio-Services Foundation stemmed from an urge to help family, friends, and loved ones with crucial awareness about cervical cancer that is common and can be prevented through simple awareness, timely screening, vaccination and treatment. However, it soon transformed beautifully into a platform that helped us connect brilliant scientific minds and the concept of preventative health with the masses who needed information but didn’t know where to look for it. This in turn helped dispel many myths and clear misconceptions about healthcare in general and disease prevention and management among women and girls in particular.

Why women and girls ? According to “World Health Organization”, the health of women and girls is of particular concern because in many societies they are disadvantaged by discrimination rooted in socio-cultural factors.

Vision and Mission

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    Our Vision: A cervical cancer free future for women and girls in India, where cervical cancer screening, vaccination, treatment and palliative care are more affordable, available, accessible and acceptable to the underprivileged population.


    Our Mission: To deliver cervical cancer screening to women and girls in India using screen and treat approach, aligned with the WHO (World Health Organization) cervical cancer elimination goals, prioritizing the underprivileged population.


Core Members All

  • Dr. Md. Kausar Neyaz, Ph.D

    Dr. Md. Kausar Neyaz, Ph.D Founder and Managing Director: Dr. Md. Kausar Neyaz completed his post graduation in Biotechnology from the Interdisciplinary Biotechnology Unit, Aligarh... More


  • Dr. Shalini Mukherjee, Ph.D

    Dr. Shalini Mukherjee, Ph.D Scientific Editor: Dr. Shalini Mukherjee is a Molecular Biologist. Currently, she is a postdoctoral research associate at the National Institute of... More


  • Dr. Dhanlaxmi Shetty, Ph.D

    Dr. Dhanlaxmi Shetty, Ph.D Scientific Editor: Dr. Dhanlaxmi Shetty is a cytogeneticist. Currently she is the Scientific Officer-E and Officer-in-charge at the Cancer Cytogenetics Department, Advanced... More


Outreach Partners All

  • BIOCLUES Organization

    BIOCLUES is acronymed for BIOinformatics CLUb for Experimenting Scientists. Bioclues is a non-profit virtual organization for, by, and of the Indian Bioinformaticians. Incepted in the... More


  • Lotus STEMM Organization

    Lotus STEMM:  Lotus STEMM is a grassroots Not-For-Profit Organization aimed at creating a community for South Asian women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine... More


  • CAPED Trust

    CAPED - Cancer Awareness, Prevention and Early Detection Trust. A Trust registered in the year 2014 under the Indian Trust Act, CAPED – Cancer Awareness,... More