Dr. Shalini Mukherjee, Ph.D

20191208_224906 SMDr. Shalini Mukherjee, Ph.D

Scientific Editor:

Dr. Shalini Mukherjee completed her graduation and post-graduation in Botany from Calcutta University. She then joined the University of Manitoba, Canada for her Ph.D in plant science. Her doctoral research was focused to understand the sucrose-starch metabolic pathway using physiological, molecular and biochemical approaches to test the probabilities of starch enhancement for bio-fuel production.

Dr. Mukherjee did her postdoctoral research fellow at the National Institute of Plant Genome Research, New Delhi. Here her work focused on understanding the networks underlying sugar metabolism in the different developmental stages of rice. Her research interests also include nano-particles as a medium for bio-fortification of crops.

She has years of experience in the field of Plant Molecular Biology and an outstanding academic background vouched by several awards and fellowships. She has also published her work in peer reviewed journals like Biotechnology Advances, Journal of Experimental Botany and the like.

Dr. Mukherjee believes that scientific research is complete only if it can be used towards the betterment of society in some form. She has excellent communication skills and has presented her research in several national and international conferences. She contributes regularly on different social media platforms to increase awareness amongst people regarding the importance of nutrition in what we eat every day. She also believes that good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle.