Mehak Chopra

TESTTIMONIAL PICTUREIt is my pleasure to write a testimonial for Bio-Services. In today’s era, with so much of workload and pressure, we often forget to take care of our body. Eventually, it leads to female related health problems which affect further our life style as well as the overall well-being.

By providing the platform to share the scientific knowledge about female related diseases, it is not only giving the opportunity to new scientific community, in fact with this it is awaking our society by stating the facts about discovered as well as undiscovered health diseases. According to the scientific data, rate of cervical cancer and other female related diseases is increasing. The initiative which ‘Bio-Services’ has taken is commendable. With its awareness programmes as well as its various testified articles by experienced scientific community, it is for helping the community.

I came across this organisation through a public engagement activity and I was amazed with the health education it is providing to the people free of cost, moreover all the information under one platform, Whether its infertility, pregnancy, amenorrhea, sexually transmitted diseases or urinary tract infections etc. I personally recommended my colleagues and my family to read the articles and to be aware because Bio-Services has taught me ‘Your knowledge is of no use when you keep it to yourself.’ As the rates of reproductive health diseases, breast cancer etc. are increasing, it is the high time for men as well as women to be worried about it for the well-being of them and our society.

Mehak Chopra

June 01, 2019