Sunanda Kulshrestha

Capture 2The Aabir Bio-Services Foundation does not require any testimonial to certify the great job it is doing to spread knowledge and disease related awareness amongst people by the people. An authentic sourcing and flow of knowledge has been paved by Aabir Bio-Services Foundation, while pursuing its great idea of spreading awareness related to diseases with special focus on gynecological disorders whether it is cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy. It is serving as a great platform for experts from their respective fields to share their knowledge with the common man and provoke discussions.

Often research papers and reviews are published in eminent scientific journals which are neither accessible nor understood by a lay-man. In such cases, an initiative like Aabir Bio-Services Foundation helps them connect to the scientific world.

The scientific editorial team at Aabir Bio-Services Foundation are excellent and also assist writers in their work. For a new content writer, such assistance helps in confidence-building. Congratulations to the team members and best wishes.

Sunanda Kulshrestha