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HERHealth Education and Research:

We believe “Good health makes life better” and the contribution of scientific research in our efforts to maintain good health and combating diseases is undeniable. Bio-Services is dedicated to improving the health of the individual as well as the community in general through continuous health education and research.

The portal focuses on the most commonly occurring cancers in women like breast and cervical cancer through updates on the latest developments in scientific research, technologies and tools available for diagnosis and treatment and spreads general awareness through continuous medical education.

Besides the predominant malignancies in women, we also recognize the increasing burden of lifestyle based diseases, reproductive health and  sexually transmitted disease in the community and are committed to addressing the associated health issues.


(i) To educate the masses about the most prevalent cancers in women, namely breast and cervical, through updates on the latest developments in scientific research, diagnostic tools and technologies, and available treatments.

(ii) To engage in community based research on various lifestyle related diseases and spread awareness through the findings of translational health science research about the common sexually transmitted infections and reproductive health.