Prevention and Disease Control – PDC


Prevention and Disease Control:

“Prevention is better than cure” goes the age old saying. The most of diseases can be prevented through regular screening, vaccination, proper nutrition and regular exercise. Large numbers of girls from the lower socioeconomic strata remain under immunized, leaving the potential for outbreaks of disease looming large. In our mobile society, over a million people travel to and from countries, where many vaccine preventable diseases are prevalent. Many adults are also under-immunized due to a general lack of awareness and thereby are unable to protect themselves against infectious diseases.

Aabir Bio-Services Foundation works closely with healthcare providers and public health agencies to improve and sustain immunization coverage. We continuously engage in raising public awareness about prevention and disease control. Aabir Bio-Services Foundation also encourages healthcare providers to promote screening and vaccinations within their communities by increasing awareness about their importance.


(i) To encourage medical practitioners to promote screening and vaccination within communities by increasing awareness about them as well as emphasizing the role of a healthy diet and exercise.

(ii) To work closely with healthcare providers to raise the awareness regarding the acceptability of vaccination by preadolescent girls and their parents in India, and public health agencies on methods to improve and sustain immunization coverage.

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