Public Engagement Activities – PEA

Public Engagement Activities:

Aabir Bio-Services “bridging the gap between science and society” that has a serious impact on society at large.

Public engagement can be brought about through social activities with the central goal of educating and improving general awareness about common human health issues. The benefits of research and innovation can be shared with public in a systematic manner through public engagement activities. Our public engagement activities include workshops, lectures, public talks, art exhibitions, online discussions, social media as well as a scientific advise and consultation.


(i) To engage people through activities like workshops, public health lectures, art exhibitions, online discussions, social media, continuous medical education, and to spread awareness about the importance of preventive health care.

(ii) To have talks about specific public health issues and their impact on society at large delivered by medical professionals or scientists. These experts could also provide scientific advice and/or consultation as and when required.

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