Health Education and Research – HER

HERHealth Education and Research:

We believe “good health makes life better” and the contribution of scientific research in mankind’s efforts to maintain good health and combat diseases is undeniable. Aabir Bio-Services is dedicated to improving the health of the individual and the community in general through continuous health education and research.

One of the core objectives of Aabir Bio-Services is to support the dissemination of information from scientific research and create awareness to enhance the profession of genetic counseling in India. Our aim is to bridge the gap between the geneticists and clinicians of India and promote high standards in genetic counseling with the help of our qualified health care team and certified genetic counselors.

Besides the prominent inherited genetic conditions, we also recognize the increasing burden of environment and lifestyle induced acquired genetic disorders, deteriorating reproductive health amongst the population and sexually transmitted disease in women and are committed to addressing the associated health issues.


(i) To educate the masses about the role of genetic counseling and engage in advising individuals and families that are either affected by or at risk of inherited genetic disorders.

(ii) To spread awareness and engage in community-based research on various environmental and/or lifestyle induced genetic disorders, common sexually transmitted infections and reproductive health.

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